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Our Story

The Sacramento Mandarins’ mission is to transform the lives of youth through performing arts, and continues to drive the progress of our organization. We celebrate and embrace diversity in all of its forms including gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic diversity. We believe that everyone brings their individual identity AND unites to create amazing musical ensembles. In 1963, during a time of heightened discrimination, the Sacramento Mandarins (then Ye Wah) was formed to provide Chinese-American youth with a performing arts activity. As the world changed, so did the Mandarins, first opening up to members of Asian descent and now to people of all backgrounds. Today, we are proud to be one of the most inclusive and diverse organizations in the activity.

The Mandarins provides the ideal balance of education, family values, personal time, and the blending of Asian traditions with drum corps. We are committed to the growth of the lives of young people through youth development and performance excellence while providing enjoyment for the Sacramento community and audiences worldwide.